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Dell's Project Ophelia will turn any HDTV into an Android computer this May

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Dell Project Ophelia
Dell Project Ophelia

Dell introduced Project Ophelia to the world at CES back in January, and now it's revealed shipping timeframes for the Android-powered MHL stick. Ophelia will ship in May to developers, with cable providers and telecoms able to buy it in July. A consumer release will follow shortly thereafter. When it does ship, the tiny device (about the same size as a portable USB stick) will convert any HDMI-ready display into an Android computer. Naturally Google Play is built right in, so you'll have access to your entire library of Android software. Essentially, Project Ophelia is what you make of it; it can act as a portable gaming console much in the same vein as Ouya. Or you can go the set-top box route and stream content from Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go, for instance. The hardware will of course feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, opening up more possibilities for how Project Ophelia can be used. PC World reports that Dell will showcase Ophelia running on two dramatically different screen sizes (19-inch and 55-inch screens) to exhibit that flexibility. As you'd expect, Dell is also touting Ophelia to its enterprise customers as a small and portable piece of client hardware.