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Seamless and GrubHub food delivery services reportedly considering merger

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GrubHub Track your grub PRESS
GrubHub Track your grub PRESS

TechCrunch is reporting that two of the largest players in online food delivery have been talking about joining forces. GrubHub and Seamless, which offer websites and mobile apps that allow users to order food online for delivery to their home or business, are said to be discussing a potential merger. According to the report, no deal has been finalized just yet, thought the talks are characterized as "serious."

While both companies are arguably the two most well-known competitors in their particular arena, that hasn't stopped a number of other entrants from bringing their own online food-ordering services to market. Merging would allow the two companies to bolster their respective offerings, resulting in an even more entrenched service. As reported, it's not clear just how the two companies would integrate with one another — and of course, discussions are no guarantee that the merger will actually happen.