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Google's business practices to be investigated by Canadian Competition Bureau

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Google New York Chelsea Office (STOCK)
Google New York Chelsea Office (STOCK)

It appears that Canada will become the latest country to look into the business practices of search giant Google. The Financial Post reports that Canada's Competition Bureau — a law-enforcement agency focused on ensuring competitive conditions in the marketplace — has notified Google that it will be investigating the company's Canadian operations. It's not clear at this time what the scope of the investigation will be, or what specific Google products and services will be targeted.

The investigation will follow a series of other Google investigations, including ones launched by the Federal Trade Commission and EU regulators. Google reached a settlement with the FTC earlier this year; the company offered to make changes to address EU antitrust concerns just last month. Google Canada's head of communications and public affairs, Leslie Church, told the Post that "We will work co-operatively with the Competition Bureau to answer any questions they may have."