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Verizon extends $60 and $70 prepaid plans to 2GB and 4GB of data

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Verizon (STOCK)
Verizon (STOCK)

Earlier this year, Verizon announced some new 3G prepaid plans for $60 and $70 dollars that offered 500MB and 2GB of data, respectively. Now, it looks like the company has silently bumped those allotments up to 2GB and 4GB without touching the price. Android Central reports that the changes go into effect immediately for those with existing plans, but new customers won’t get hold of the new rates until June 6th.

It’s a nice bump, but you can probably find lower prices and higher caps elsewhere, although your best option will depend on the coverage in your area. But in the future, as more and more of Verizon’s traffic gets pushed onto its newer LTE network, we expect the company to keep milking its existing 3G infrastructure with cheaper plans and higher data allotments.