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Samsung plant suffers second toxic gas leak in three months

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samsung stock buildings
samsung stock buildings

Samsung has suffered a second toxic gas leak this year at its semiconductor plant in Hwaseong, Korea. Yonhap News reports that the poisonous hydrofluoric acid gas injured three workers, coming just three months after a leak of the same substance caused a fatality at the same factory. Samsung says only a "small amount" of gas leaked when workers changed pipes that contained the gas, but the Korean Ministry of Labor and Employment has criticized the company for not following safety regulations after it emerged the gas leaked from the same pipes damaged in the original incident.

Samsung is already the subject of an investigation by Korean police for attempting to cover up details of the original leak, as well as lying about its containment. Samsung escaped with a $1,000 fine, but with safety practices already under scrutiny, Korean authorities may be forced to take a harder approach this time around.