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Repurpose your old Wii Balance Board as an Android-connected smart scale

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Wii Fit
Wii Fit

Weight and activity trackers are an emerging trend, assisted by wearable devices like Nike's FuelBand, the Fitbit, and Withings' Smart Body Analyzer — but they don't come cheap. Smartphone apps may have helped users track their fitness for a little or no cost, but until recently there was no easy way of measuring your weight and automatically uploading that data to your chosen fitness service.

FitScales is a new open-source Android application that can be calibrated to connect to your old Wii Fit Balance Board, allowing you to repurpose the gaming accessory as an internet-connected scale for no cost (providing you already own one). FitScales uses Bluetooth to connect your Android device to the Wii Fit Balance Board and can sync the results to either RunKeeper of Fitbit, making it easy to track your weight alongside other fitness activities. Thanks to its open-source nature, we may see other fitness app APIs added to the app to help you better track your health in the future. FitScales is compatible with smartphones and tablets running all flavors up to Android 4.1 and is available as a free download.