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Prototype Motorola phone appears in more leaked photos

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Motorola prototype evleaks
Motorola prototype evleaks

We know new Motorola phones are coming, and we've heard the praise Google's top executives have heaped upon the pipeline. But what can we expect them to look like? Back in March, one prototype device was revealed in a leaked video and accompanying images. Now we're getting another peek at what Motorola's been working on courtesy of @evleaks. In a trio of leaked shots, we see what looks to be the same handset, this time wrapped in a rather large case — perhaps to conceal its design traits. Placement of the earpiece speaker and headphone jack are identical, however, and the display again strikes us as smaller than some of the monstrous screens on the market. In an interview last month, Motorola's design chief said the company aims to design hardware that's "just right" for consumers.

In terms of software, the phone appears to feature a near-stock version of Android complete with the recently overhauled Google Play app. Interestingly it's running on AT&T, a sign you may have options other than Verizon for Motorola's upcoming releases. There's not much else to take away from the leaked shots, though the pictured product doesn't appear overly durable at first glance. Google CEO Larry Page recently hinted that Motorola's next wave of devices would offer more resistance to daily threats like drops and water damage. Maybe that "case" will be accompanying Motorola's phone out of the testing labs.

Update: @evleaks has just tossed up another image of the phone in question, this time of the back. It's not clear if the case was removed for this shot; if so, the device is notably different compared with what we saw in March. If not, perhaps Motorola is in fact toying with accessories as added protection for its latest products. The camera lens and LED flash appear flush, however, making that a bit less likely.