Google Glass isn’t ready for prime time. Even Google knows this, which is why it hasn't shipped to the masses yet. Instead, Google floated a few units to “Explorers,” glorified guinea pigs who can enjoy the joys and trials of this cuttingest edge of cutting edge technologies. But nascent or not, Glass exists, and it works. Or at least it "works." Developers are still getting their feet wet, high-profile apps like Twitter and Facebook feel more like experiments than finished products, and bugs aren’t the exception, they’re the rule. But, you know, the thing turns on, and hears you say "Okay, Glass," and eagerly awaits your next command. Beyond the home screen, it’s up to Glass Explorers to wade through the good apps, the bad apps, and the broken apps, and we're right there with them. We went exploring, and this is what Glass can do; right here, right now.

And for those of you without Glass, hopefully we can help you live vicariously through our misadventures and humble GIF illustrations. Glass is a strange beast, and it can take a while to get used to and understand what it’s trying to do. Maybe we’ll make you jealous, or maybe you’ll decide Glass is a worthless piece of trash. Either way, we hope we can shed light on the mystery, the wonder, and the social awkwardness that is Glass.

We’ll be updating this list as new apps come out, and old apps are updated or made obsolete, so keep checking back. And if you see an app we haven’t covered yet, make sure to let us know!