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Seamless and GrubHub merge to conquer online food ordering market

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Seamless and GrubHub — two internet food delivery powerhouses — have officially announced that they will join forces in a merger. Both services offer websites and mobile apps allowing users to order food online to their homes or businesses, enabled through thousands of partnerships with local restaurants. "GrubHub and Seamless share a common goal to generate more business for local takeout restaurants," said GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney, who will serve as CEO of the new organization.

In a combined announcement, the companies say that the merger will bring together GrubHub's more than 20,000 local takeout restaurants in over 500 cities in the US, with Seamless' more than 12,000 restaurants in the US and UK. Seamless and GrubHub say that the partnership will expand its ordering network and product offerings, and that it will accelerate product development. Seamless and GrubHub achieved about $875 million in combined gross food sales to local takeout restaurants in 2012, with revenues of more than $100 million.