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Sony teases PlayStation 4 hardware ahead of Xbox event, says you'll 'see it first at E3'

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Sony PS4 tease
Sony PS4 tease

Sony has teased the hardware design for its upcoming PlayStation 4 for the first time, after a February reveal that kept the device completely under wraps and left fans guessing about how Sony's next-generation console would look. In a new video, shown below, the company teases the PS4's hardware with a blurry black rectangle and flashes of design details.

The timing of the tease is no surprise, with Microsoft set to reveal its own next-generation Xbox tomorrow at its campus in Redmond, Washington.

Based on the video's title, we should expect to see the PlayStation 4 unveiled on June 10th at the company's E3 presentation. The PS4 is expected to be available during the holiday season of 2013, but the company still hasn't revealed any pricing details or a firm release date.

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