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'Star Wars Rebels' is Lucasfilm's first animated series under Disney, coming fall 2014

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Star Wars Rebels teaser
Star Wars Rebels teaser

It's not quite a full reveal, but Disney today announced the name of its first Star Wars-based animated series. It's called Star Wars Rebels, and the show's plot line will take place in a "whole new era" between Star Wars Episode III and Episode IV. A one-hour pilot is slated to air on the Disney Channel in fall 2014. Dave Filoni, the same man who announced the demise of The Clone Wars, is again serving as executive producer on the upcoming series.

Animation-wise, Rebel's visual style will take after the artwork of the late Ralph McQuarrie; McQuarrie was responsible for some of the earliest concept illustrations that convinced Twentieth Century Fox to invest in the original film trilogy. Filoni seems to have preserved most of his Clone Wars team for the new effort, so even as Disney heads in an all-new direction, it's keeping knowledgable people at the helm — or as Filoni describes them, a staff that "knows Stars Wars inside and out."