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Microsoft bringing fully integrated SmartGlass experience to the new Xbox One

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At E3 last year, Microsoft introduced Xbox SmartGlass — a second-screen companion app to the Xbox 360 for smartphones, tablets, and Windows 8 PCs that displays companion content for supported entertainment options like movies and games. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has just announced that it's bringing that technology to the new Xbox One console. Microsoft's Marc Whitten called it a "native" part of the Xbox One. He also said that there have been over 10 million downloads of SmartGlass for the Xbox 360. A report from Wired indicates that the new SmartGlass will eventually be able to turn your smartphone into a "skeumorphic" remote control that will mimic any other input device you might need to use. We've also learned that it'll let more devices connect at once for multiplayer and shared experiences. While overall details were minimal, we imagine we'll learn more about how SmartGlass works with the Xbox One at E3.