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Google+ mobile site redesigned with Google Now-style cards

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Google Plus Mobile Site
Google Plus Mobile Site

Just last week at Google I/O, Google+ was redesigned on the desktop and on Android. Today, the mobile site was updated with a look that brings it closer to Google+ everywhere else the social network is found. But, as slick as the redesigned Google+ mobile site is — and it does look and work better than before — it doesn't come close to the polish or charm displayed in Google+ mobile apps on iOS or Android.

The biggest change with the mobile site is the move to presenting photos, video, posts and links shared on the site in Google Now-style cards. This is a design theme we've seen across not only Google+, but the new Google Maps and on Google Glass as well. Both personal profile pages and brand pages now include cover photos, a design idea brought over from Google+ on the desktop. While tap targets have been made larger, making navigation easier, the mobile site is still bare bones, lacking many core Google+ features such as communities, photo editing, and Hangouts.