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Spotify launches Top 50 streaming charts

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Spotify web player stock 640
Spotify web player stock 640

A year ago, Billboard announced that it would start including Spotify data in its Hot 100 charts, and now the Swedish streaming service is breaking out on its own. The Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify is launching its own charts called the Spotify 50 (below) and Social 50, listing the most-streamed and most-shared songs across its entire library. The charts can be easily embedded in websites, and contain links to stream the music they contain. They can also switch between Spotify's 28 regions on the fly and display data from past weeks, with the numbers updating each Monday around noon EST.

"Data is our secret sauce."

On top of the new charts, Spotify thinks the data could prove valuable in a different way: surfacing new talent. Its head of US operations Ken Parks said that information about listening habits and social media shares has pointed the company toward some interesting artists that it hopes to "break" in the near future. Spotify has been rumored to be interested in actually producing its own content — rumors that CEO Daniel Ek recently denied — but even without taking that step, it can still add a lot of extra value to its service just by getting smarter about the kinds of music it presents to its 24 million users. "Data is our secret sauce," said Parks.