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Microsoft debuts Skype for Xbox with group video calling

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skype for xbox
skype for xbox

At its Xbox One launch event today, Microsoft debuted Skype for Xbox One, a new version of the communications service that lets you conduct HD video chat with friends using the Kinect camera. You can engage in group video chats, as well as use the new Xbox's Snap feature to do picture-in-picture calls while playing a game or watching TV. You can use your voice to start a call, end a call, or shut off your mic. Microsoft demoed the app on the Xbox One, though it may also be available for the Xbox 360.

With the addition of Xbox, Microsoft's Skype portfolio is complete. The app launched on Windows Phone 8 last November, and in Outlook in late April. Also notable is the launch of Video Messages on Mac, iPhone, an Android, a feature that lets you send video to a friend even when they're not online. Skype is very evidently becoming a bigger priority for parent company Microsoft, and has even replaced the company's Windows Live Messenger product as of April 8th. The only issue for users is consolidating their Skype, Xbox, and Outlook contacts.