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Leaked Intel memo reveals 'new devices' group created by incoming CEO Brian Krzanich

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intel sponsors of tomorrow stock 1024

Intel's new CEO, longtime company man Brian Krzanich, may be mixing things up. According to a Reuters source, an internal email describes a major reorganization within the company, including a "new devices" unit. More details are not yet available, and it's not clear what the "new devices" section would handle. In theory, it could be a division working on new chips for use in emerging technologies, potentially including architectures outside its current chips for traditional PCs and its Atom line. Intel lost out in smartphones — it's just recently managed to produce something that could be competitive with Qualcomm and Nvidia — and this could be an attempt to be on top of the next big shift.

Alternately, "new devices" could be a unit dedicated to shopping out current and upcoming projects to manufacturers, convincing them that Intel's existing chips are right for their futuristic products. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that Krzanich and newly appointed Intel president Renée James had been picked in part because of a "dramatic" strategy to move the company's chips into things like wearable computers. While Intel has not made details of the reorganization public, Reuters reports that spokesperson Chuck Mulloy confirmed the letter was sent by Krzanich.

Update: AllThingsD is reporting that Mike Bell, former Apple and Palm executive, will be the head of this new division within Intel.