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Pandora launches 'Premieres,' will stream albums before they go on sale

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Digital music rights
Digital music rights

Internet radio site Pandora is launching a new station called "Pandora Premieres." Unlike its regular service, which creates custom radio stations based on your preferences, Premieres will preview upcoming album releases from "upcoming and established artists" in their entirety before they go on sale. The model is similar to that of iTunes, which recently streamed both Daft Punk's Random Access Memories and the new David Bowie album free of charge prior to their release. The main difference between the two services is Apple's iTunes previews are presented as a continuous stream, whereas Premieres allows users to play any track in any order.

The first albums to be previewed through Pandora Premieres will be John Fogerty's Wrote a Song for Everyone and Laura Marling's Once I Was an Eagle. After the initial pair, new albums will be featured every week. The service is available to both ad-supported and paying Pandora members; to check out the new albums, search for "Pandora Premieres" in the regular Pandora search box.