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Qualcomm resurrects Mirasol reflective displays with new 576 ppi smartphone panel

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mirasol smartphone (engadget)
mirasol smartphone (engadget)

Qualcomm has demonstrated a new prototype Mirasol display for use in smartphones, marking a return to the reflective technology designed to allow for comfortable outdoor reading on color e-readers and other devices. The new prototype is 5.1 inches diagonally and has a resolution of 2560 x 1440; at 576 pixels per inch, the display is sharper than the 443 ppi 5-inch 1080p panels that have found their way into multiple smartphones over the past six months.

Engadget saw the prototype at SID Display Week in Vancouver, Canada, and reported that while the colors are somewhat less vibrant than those exhibited on other screen technologies, Qualcomm claims the display is six times more power efficient than LCD and OLED screens.

The new smartphone display is said to be a few years away from mass production. Last year Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs indicated that the company was looking to license Mirasol technology to partners and scale back its direct commercialization. However, a representative was quoted as saying that a 1.5-inch display — intended for devices such as smartwatches — will soon make its way into products from third party vendors.