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Amazon planning giant greenhouse offices for its new Seattle campus

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amazon campus block 19
amazon campus block 19

Amazon has proposed to add a huge artificial biome to its new Seattle campus. Rather than being decorative, however, the enormous greenhouse, which comprises of three 80-to-95 feet high connected domes, will serve as a work space. The new building will be filled with plants separated into botanical zones reflecting a number of different ecologies, and all the plants will be selected for their "ability to co-exist in a microclimate that also suits people."

The five-story complex will contain office space, meeting rooms, lounge areas, in-house dining, and publicly-accessible retail spaces. It makes up a tiny portion of Amazon's planned "Rufus" campus, situated in a landscaped park between the three main 37-story office towers. If the proposals go through, Amazon's office / greenhouse mashup will likely become an iconic street-level structure in Seattle.