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'Ryse' teased as an Xbox One exclusive with Kinect integration, details at E3

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Ryse teaser
Ryse teaser

Microsoft didn't reveal all of the planned launch titles for its Xbox One this week. Crytek says that Ryse, a title set in the Roman Empire period, will debut exclusively on the Xbox One. Ryse looks set to be unveiled at E3, with a mini-site teasing the timing for June's gaming event.

Ryse was originally unveiled at E3 2011, with promised Kinect functionality, but the title never made its debut on Xbox 360. The Verge previously reported that the title will launch at the same time as the Xbox One, with plans for it to use the new features of the next-generation Kinect sensor. The teaser specifically mentions controller-based gaming that's "enhanced with Kinect," suggesting this isn't Kinect-only. We understand that Microsoft Studios and Crytek have been rewriting the game to take advantage of the Xbox One. Ryse is expected to debut later this year.