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HTC Asia CEO Lennard Hoornik joins executive exodus

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HTC Camera Stock
HTC Camera Stock

Another high-level HTC executive has left the company. CNET reports that HTC Asia's CEO Lennard Hoornik has now parted ways with the company after being on leave for two months. Hoornik was in charge of HTC's Asian operations for just two years. It's not clear why he was on leave, nor is it known whose decision the exit was. HTC has confirmed CNET's report, and also says CFO Chialin Chang fill in for Hoornik while the company searches for a more permanent replacement.

Today's news comes after we revealed that HTC Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera — who was in charge of the company's entire product line — left the Taiwanese manufacturer last week. We also reported on the growing disarray at HTC's North American headquarters, and those problems aren't restricted to the US. One source described HTC as a company in "utter freefall."

Update: An Engadget source says that in addition to the names above, HTC Head of Global Digital Service Elizabeth Griffin is also leaving this week to join Nintendo.