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Foursquare rolls out 'super-specific' filters to help you search out the perfect destination

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Foursquare is getting more ambitious with the data it has on you and your friends: the company today debuted "super-specific search" for its iOS and Android mobile apps. The new feature lets users make search queries at a level of granularity that Foursquare says competitors simply can't match. It accomplishes this through a range of filters, some of which are common (price, open now, etc.), with others that leverage Foursquare's treasure trove of check-ins and user data.

You can filter potential destinations by whether or not your friends have been there before, for example. The system is also geared towards natural language queries; Foursquare cites "One of the museums in Paris that my friend Matt went to last year that’s also near my hotel" as just one viable search made possible with the new filters. "A burrito place I’ve been meaning to try (it’s on my to-do list) in San Francisco, that’s in The Mission and open right now" is another, meaning the searches also tap into destinations you've previously bookmarked. The end result isn't far off from what Facebook is attempting to do with its ambitious Graph Search. The "super-specific" filters are available in Foursquare for iOS and Android starting today.