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Galaxy S4 comes to Cricket for only $54.99, but carries an unknown monthly device fee

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Samsung Galaxy S4 in hand (875px)
Samsung Galaxy S4 in hand (875px)

Now that Samsung's Galaxy S4 has rolled out to the major carriers in the US, smaller options like Cricket are getting involved. The prepaid carrier just announced that it'll start carrying the Galaxy S4, and it'll come in at an exceptionally low up-front cost of $54.99 — nearly $100 less than what T-Mobile is asking for the Galaxy S4. This only applies to "qualified customers," and there will also be an associated monthly device charge to go along with it — much like T-Mobile's new payment plan structure.

Unfortunately, Cricket hasn't revealed exactly how much those monthly payments will be, nor how long they will go on for. But given the fact that Cricket's suggested retail device for the phone is $599.99, we're guessing those installment payments won't be too cheap. It's still cheaper than the $149.99 that T-Mobile is asking up front for the Galaxy S4, If you're still interested, the phone will be available on June 7th, and we expect Cricket will have more details on exactly how much it'll cost per month then.