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Google brings its own voice search to Chrome for iOS, adds fullscreen mode to Android phones (update)

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chrome ios update stock 1020
chrome ios update stock 1020

We've seen the rapid voice search advancements Google has made in Chrome for the desktop, but since Siri is currently the sole method of entering voice queries on the iOS version, iPhone and iPad owners haven't been given the same treatment. That's soon going to change, as Google today announced that a forthcoming update to Chrome for iOS will include its own voice search technology. It's not as simple as hitting a button on Apple's pop-up keyboard (Siri occupies that spot), but Google has added a microphone shortcut that appears directly above the keyboard. Tapping that will let you take advantage of Google's often faster (and arguably more accurate) voice search on iPhone and iPad. Better still, results from select searches will now be spoken back to you. The company isn't specifying an exact launch date for the new iOS release, only that the update is "coming soon."

Android users won't have to wait for new features however; Google today added fullscreen mode to Android smartphones and a tab history button for tablets. Chrome's toolbar will now vanish when scrolling down a webpage from a phone, and tablet owners can access their tab history by long-pressing the "back" button. The new version of Chrome for Android is available now from Google Play.

Update: The updated Chrome with Google's voice search is now available from the App Store.