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Twitter finally rolling out two-step account verification

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Twitter has announced that it is finally rolling out two-step authentication for accounts, a much-needed security feature that comes after several months of high-profile Twitter account hacks. This feature can be enabled in the Twitter settings menu for any account that has both a confirmed email address and a verified phone number. Once activated, you'll need to enter a six-digit code sent to your mobile phone via SMS after you sign in with your standard username and password.

Twitter says that applications that you've enabled using your Twitter login should be unaffected even after logging in with two-step authentication enabled. If you want to sign in on other devices or apps, Twitter says that you can visit the applications management page to generate a temporary password and log in.

This long-awaited security feature comes after a particularly bad period in which the Associated Press, The Guardian, and AFP had their Twitter accounts hacked. They were far from the only ones — Burger King and Jeep both were hacked as well, and we've seen plenty of ordinary users have problems with hacking as well. Twitter said it was working on two-step authentication last month, and we imagine that plenty of brands and users alike are glad to see this feature finally rolling out.