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Samsung Galaxy S4 hits 10 million units shipped, new colors coming this summer

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Samsung Galaxy S4 display (555px)
Samsung Galaxy S4 display (555px)

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 has reached 10 million global channel sales less than a month after its commercial launch. The figure sets a new record for Samsung's line of smartphones; the Galaxy S III took a full 50 days to reach the same figure, while the S II took five months. The Galaxy S4 officially launched on April 27th, and as of right now Samsung says it is selling four S4 smartphones every second. Along with the figure, Samsung also announced it would be adding several new colors to the lineup this summer, with names like "Purple Mirage" and "Brown Autumn."

The news doesn't come as a complete surprise. Just last week Samsung Electronics co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun estimated that the S4 would hit the 10 million mark this week. Of course, it's also important to look at what number Samsung is actually reporting here. According to the company, these are 10 million global channel sales — not direct sales to consumers — which puts the number on the "shipped" side of the sold vs. shipped debate that has plagued Samsung sales figures in the past. The figure is controversial because shipped phones could theoretically be waiting on store shelves without having been purchased by customers. In comparison, when Apple announced it sold 5 million units of the iPhone 5 in its first weekend, it was referring to actual sales to end users. Still, Samsung's figure is beyond impressive, and a sign that the trajectory of the Galaxy line is all but guaranteed at the moment — despite the efforts of competitors like HTC.