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Tracking 'The Warriors' through old New York, in 1979 and 2013

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The Warriors Scouting NY
The Warriors Scouting NY

Over 30 years after The Warriors took America on a dangerous midnight tour of New York, the city seems like a different world. Graffiti has been sanded, neighborhoods have gentrified, and citizens no longer fear attacks by roving mimes. But the traces of 1970s New York live on beneath repainted facades, and Scouting New York brings us along in a fascinating three-part attempt to find and photograph every location where The Warriors was filmed. In Part 1, it's revealed that the Warriors' long journey from the Bronx to Coney Island actually started in Manhattan. In Part 2, we meet the abandoned subway station that has appeared in everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to a Michael Jackson video. And in Part 3, Scouting New York sums up what makes The Warriors so transcendent:

I complain quite a lot about how everyone films the same cliched fantasy of New York, but it's the cliche I mind, not the fantasy. The singularity of the world the Warriors inhabit is totally original, and one cinematic night wandering through its neon lit, statue-strewn streets is frankly not enough.