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Zone out with 'Blip Blup,' a minimalist puzzle game for iOS and Android

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Blip Blup android
Blip Blup android

Don't let the goofy name fool you: Blip Blup is a clever and challenging puzzle game with a slick minimalist look and feel. In each level you're presented with a screen of grey squares, and the goal is to fill them with color. All this requires is a touch of your finger, which will send out a pulse of color in all directions. The trick is getting the angles just right so that you fill each and every square within the allotted number of moves.

Reflective surfaces and transforming barriers

It's incredibly simple early on, and in fact you won't really come across much in the way of challenge until the fourth collection of levels, when the difficulty really ramps up. Once you have to deal with reflective surfaces and transforming barriers you'll really understand what Blip Blup is all about. And since the game doesn't require any quick reflexes — it's more about carefully considering each move — it's also an ideal mobile game, perfect for playing on a bus or while watching some TV. You can check it out on both iOS and Android at the source links below.