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I gave Tivo the Sports/Fantasy Football idea 3 years ago that Microsoft unveiled with the Xbox One.... and they didn't listen...


I dug up the emails I sent to them.... Here ya go...

Marie Lansky <>
to me

Dear TiVo Subscriber,

Do you have a few minutes to participate in a quick survey?

Everyone who completes the entire survey will be entered in a sweepstakes to win a new 32GB iPod Touch. For a chance to win, you will need to enter your name and mailing address at the end of the survey.

TiVo will not sell or give your information to any third parties.

The survey will take about 7-10 minutes of your time to complete. It is only being sent to a small group of TiVo subscribers, so your participation really counts!

Click the link below to take part in the survey:

If you have any questions about this survey, please feel
free to email me at

Thank you! I hope to hear from you soon.


Who should I contact at Tivo as far as an idea I have that would definitely increase ownership, and sell tons of new tivo's?


Joe J.


Hi Joe,

If you have any ideas to share, please send them to me and I will pass them along.



Marie Lansky | Market Research | TiVo Inc.



Their is a huge sports and fantasy sports crowd out there using DVR's and Tivo. If Tivo were to create a product dedicated to
sports enthusiasts, it will be a huge hit. Here are my ideas:

1. Name it TivoHD Sports Edition

2. Create a remote that has a few extra buttons that take advantage of the features, those features are:

A. Instant Stats Overlay... so as your watching a game, all the stats from all the players in the games are updated immediately. So if your favorite receiver just
catches a 25 year touchdown, you click the stats button on the remote, and an overlay from the game appears on the screen showing all the stats of the players and the game.
I cannot tell you how many times I have just come home from something, sat on the couch, turned on my tv, and put on a game and wondered how a certain player was doing
during the game, both stat wise and fantasy sports wise. You could have a few marketing banners in the stat overlay feature that would pay for the service that pulls the game stats
for the Tivo, so if your pulling the stats from an online service (sorta like espn and yahoo does), then have a small banner or two for budget support.

B. Partnership with yahoo sports, espn sports, or whoever you decide. Imagine you partnered up with espn fantasy or yahoo fantasy sports, so you could see your fantasy teams
right on the tv set. When you press the other button on the remote that is special with the TivoHD Sports Edition, it would show your online fantasy football teams, baseball, hockey, golf,
whatever sports you are into. This would be an awesome feature to see how your players are doing in real time on your tv set in an overlay.

C. Guess the play feature. This would be a feature that would take some time to develop, but you could have a setup like NTN uses at sports bars, where you guess the plays before
each play is called, and you get points. You could have standings, prizes, etc. It would be a nice feature to have when your watching games and want to make games more interactive.

I have some other ideas in my head as well, but these features above would sell tons of tivo's in my eyes.


Joe J.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for all the input! I have shared this with a few folks in product marketing and user experience. The topic of sports-specific features has come up with other users. We are always looking for ways to make TiVo better!



That's the last I heard back from them....