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Ashton Kutcher on Twitter: 'the media kind of fucked it up'

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Ashton Kutcher was one of the first celebrities to really embrace Twitter, becoming the first user to exceed 1 million followers back in 2009. However, there's no doubt his relationship with the service has diminished in recent years, and he admitted as such in a talk today at CTIA. "Twitter's experience has changed for me, pretty drastically," Kutcher said according to CNBC. "It used to be sort of a personalized experience for me, a really personal experience that I could share." However, it sounds like Kutcher has really soured on the service as it has gotten larger and bigger companies have started using it. "For lack of a better verb, I think the media kind of fucked it up," Kutcher ranted. "I think media companies came in and just pounced on it and I think that the signal-to-noise ratio kind of stinks — people selling shit that I don't want."

The blame doesn't just rest with users — Kutcher had some unkind words for Twitter itself as well. "I think retweeting hurt Twitter the most," Kutcher said. "It created a ton of noise in the system that took away from some of the value." Of course, Kutcher really cooled on Twitter over a year and a half ago — after tweeting something in support of disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, he handed over the reigns of his Twitter account to his management team. It's still strong words from a man who was previously so enamored with the service that he tried to launch his own Twitter app a few years ago.