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Apple's new iPhone 5 ad 'Music Every Day' celebrates life with moving melody

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Apple Music Every Day ad 640
Apple Music Every Day ad 640

Apple's latest ad campaign is all about plucking heartstrings, and the company has now succeeded twice in a row. On Thursday, it released "Music Every Day" on YouTube, a one-minute commercial that wistfully highlights the iPhone's claimed role as the most popular phone for listening to music on the go. Unlike "Photos Every Day," the company's previous commercial, it's not clear where Apple gets the statistic, but it's not much of a surprise either. If you add up all the iPhones in the world, it likely counts as the most popular phone in a whole variety of ways, not least of which the one that involves iTunes and those signature white earbuds.

That aside, though, the commercial is as elegant and moving a commercial as you might hope. If you haven't already, you can watch it immediately below.