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Verizon Cloud backup app now on iOS

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Verizon Cloud iOS app
Verizon Cloud iOS app

Following a limited release on Android last month, Verizon's Cloud app is now available on iOS. The app will let you back up your photos and videos to cloud storage, as well as facilitate access to contacts, documents, and music you've stored in the cloud via your PC. Additionally, if you're already using Verizon's Backup Assistant or Assistant Plus services, all your content will be available through the new app.

Due to the nature of iOS, Cloud isn't quite as full-featured as its Android counterpart, which also backs up text messages, call logs, and contacts. You will get the same 500MB of storage for free, though, and Verizon will happily sell you more storage at monthly prices ranging from $2.99 (25GB) to $9.99 (125GB). Separately, Verizon also updated the Android version of Cloud to support the newly released Galaxy S4 yesterday. If you're not already signed up for Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Box, or Apple's iCloud service — or if you'd just like to try out something new — you can find the Cloud app in the App Store.