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AT&T prepaid users can now get LTE, if they have the right phone

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AT&T (stock)
AT&T (stock)

As of today, AT&T's prepaid GoPhone customers now have access to the company's burgeoning LTE network. Previously, prepaid users could only connect to the carrier's older 3G and Edge networks — not a major stumbling block for most, since the company sells no LTE-ready prepaid phones. But it did stink for those who were hoping to get LTE-capable devices, such as an iPhone 5 or HTC One, running on AT&T's contract-free service.

Eventually, AT&T will offer prepaid LTE phones, but for now that's not the case, the company said in a statement. Customers on the company's GoPhone service with capable phones will start running on LTE and HSPA+ on June 12. Anyone who calls customer service before then can get earlier access, according to Engadget. Only those who buy monthly service, which ranges from $25 to $65 per month, will be able to connect to LTE. Despite the addition of the faster network access, the prices here aren't going up. Another good thing about AT&T's prepaid plans — there are no questionable mobility administrative fees.