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Top Shelf 012: 'Xbox On'

Top Shelf 012: 'Xbox On'

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Top Shelf 012
Top Shelf 012

The game console of the future will be a tiny box and a large connection to the cloud. Projections will illuminate across your living room, turning your furniture Pleasantville black-and-white to project the somber tone that the game detects from your heartbeat. "You are the controller" — but this is now more a medical distinction than it is a slogan. Intravenously entangled, from plasma to pixel. Welcome to the future. Let David Pierce, Nilay Patel, and Ross Miller be your guide.

Top Shelf Episode 012

Director: John Lagomarsino

Producer: Ross Miller
Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
Segments Producer: Christian Mazza
Executive Producers: Chad Mumm and Kyle Kramer

Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers

Special Guest: Nilay Patel
Host: David Pierce

Vox Studio Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Robert Langevin, Will Buikema

Special Thanks to: Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger

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