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Purported Gmail images show new tabbed interface for sorting email

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gmail for android spam
gmail for android spam

A few hours after we got a look at a potential Gmail for Android redesign, a new screenshot for Gmail on the web has apparently leaked to The Next Web. The new interface shows four tabs at the top of the inbox: Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates — with a reported fifth tab for offers. Apparently, incoming mail will be split between these different buckets depending on its content. For example, Twitter and Google+ emails would be shuttled off to the Social tab, while mailing list emails would go into the Forums tab. Alongside the new tabs for the web, a second screenshot revealed similar functionality for Gmail on Android.


Image via The Next Web

Both features would be a natural replacement for Gmail's current "Multiple Inbox" option. Assuming the leak turns out to be true, it's odd that Google decided not to unveil the changes at its I/O developer conference. It also could be a sign that Google is finally beginning to feel the need to play catch-up with other email providers — the newly revamped still retains the "Quick View" filters that were added way back in 2010. A spokesperson for Google told The Next Web that it doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.