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Drive and fly seamlessly with this crazy remote control quadrocopter car

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A PhD student has created a remote control flying car, and he's looking to fund the project on Kickstarter. Called "B," the vehicle functions as a regular four-wheeled RC, but housed within its wheels are four propellers that with the flick of a switch can generate enough lift to turn the B into a quadrocopter. Able to fly for around 15 minutes on a single charge, the B also has a 720p camera and microSD card slot embedded in its body for recording on-board video. Its creator Witold Mielniczek previously worked on a DARPA-contest-winning HALO Unmanned Aerial Vehicle before turning his attention to this solo project.

Mielniczek's working prototype appears to work as advertised, and the inventor says he will spend the £86,500 (roughly $131,000) he hopes to raise on securing patents, tooling and fabrication costs, and certification fees, among other things. The obvious downside to the B go beyond project is its cost — starting at £320 ($485), it's not exactly an impulse buy — but the price isn't wildly different from other beginner UAVs out there. After two days on Kickstarter, the project is ten percent funded, and if Mielniczek reaches his target, the first vehicles are estimated to start shipping later this year in December.