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Watch this: Jimmy Fallon enters the world of Rockefell in 'Game of Desks'

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The Roots Late Night's Watch
The Roots Late Night's Watch

There's no doubt that the late night TV scene is a cutthroat one — we all still remember the epic Conan vs. Leno battle for the seat of The Tonight Show a few years ago. Jimmy Fallon's now giving us his own look at what goes on behind the scenes of his Late Night show with a new digital original entitled Game of Desks. It's a ridiculous and affectionate tribute to Game of Thrones that casts Fallon in several roles, including an Eddard Stark-esque protagonist — but Fallon also dons a blonde wig for his own disturbing take on dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen. Aside from the humor, it's also quite a high-production affair, with some excellent costumes (check out The Roots in full gear as the Late Night's Watch) and an intro ripped straight from the HBO series. For a look at all the drama taking place in Studio 6B, chamber of the Iron Desk, check out the full video below — it's just a taste of what'll take place in the coming months as Fallon prepares to ascend the late-night throne as host of The Tonight Show in the spring of 2014.