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Photosynth's 3D interactive panoramas reportedly coming to SkyDrive

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SkyDrive Windows 8
SkyDrive Windows 8

Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage service may soon be getting support for 3D panoramas using Photosynth technology. Earlier in May, Microsoft updated SkyDrive with an emphasis on photos, creating a chronologically ordered "All Photos" view and accepting full-resolution uploads from Windows Phone 8. Now, the highly reliable LiveSide reports that SkyDrive will also allow users to upload and view 3D panoramas. The new feature will be based on Photosynth's toolset, supporting interactive panoramas stitched together from photos and videos.

LiveSide notes that it's not clear whether SkyDrive will support synths, a kind of inverse panorama that captures multiple sides of a single building or other object. We also don't have any word on when the change might be coming, or whether it will obviate the core Photosynth app. But it's another sign of Microsoft's commitment to SkyDrive, and to bringing together previously disparate applications.