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Sony woos 'Minecraft' creator with golden PSone, VIP invite to E3

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Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson has received an elaborate VIP invite to Sony's Playstation 4 press event at E3: a golden PSone console. Despite Minecraft for Xbox 360 breaking XBLA records by selling over 6 million copies, Notch has been an outspoken critic of Sony's main rival in the console business, Microsoft, largely due to what he sees as the company locking down its once "open" desktop OS with Windows 8 and the Windows Store. The developer also tweeted last week that he was unexcited by Microsoft's new console, noting that he "wanted a game console, not a voice and gesture based tv remote box."

Sony is clearly looking to win over the successful developer with the gift, which apparently also included a copy of Dungeon Master 2. Minecraft was never released for the PlayStation 3, and given Notch's recent opinions on Microsoft, an Xbox One version of the game is anything but guaranteed. It's not clear if any other developers have received similar invites, but given Sony's increased focus on courting indies, we wouldn't be surprised.