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German railway company recruits surveillance drones in fight against graffiti vandals

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drone lede
drone lede

Having apparently concluded that traditional security cameras are no longer fit for the task, German railway company Deutsche Bahn plans to deploy surveillance drones in an effort to thwart rampant graffiti vandalism affecting its train cars. Each small drone will be equipped with an infrared camera and dispatched for overnight shifts at Deutsche Bahn's largest train depots. Flying nearly 500 feet overhead for up to 80 minutes at a time, they'll attempt to catch graffiti vandals in the act, recording their activity for use as potential evidence. As for why it's taking such a drastic approach, the rail company says it sinks millions of dollars each year into cleaning up after the perpetrators. To assuage public privacy worries, Deutsche Bahn insists the drones will only be flown over its own private property, though it's unclear how receptive German officials will be to the plan. Deutsche Bahn has told BBC News that drone tests are slated to begin "soon."