"It's like you always say," George Michael tells his dad. "Family first unless there's a work thing."

I've been waiting for Arrested Development to arrive on Netflix for months. Years, even — there's a part of me that's convinced CEO Reed Hastings added Instant Streaming to Netflix just so we could all re-watch the show, then started producing original content just so he could bring it back. I fully support both decisions, and when the show's 15 new episodes finally became available on May 26th, I bailed on my family’s Memorial Day activities, hunkered down in front of my TV on a gorgeous day in New York City, and watched every single one.

Everyone’s talked about how Arrested Development was always designed for 2013 — the show was so fast, so smart, and so dense, and without a way to pause or rewind, often too much. It’s tailor-made for the DVR era and especially for Netflix — the episodes were to be viewable in any order, available all at once for infinite re-watching, rewinding, sharing, and dissecting. In 2006, you'd sneeze and a half-dozen jokes would be missed and gone into Fox's ether; now they're here for us, forever. I, for one, am happy about that fact.