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Bus and train schedule app Transit is now free, saves commuters stranded by Apple Maps

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Public transit directions app Transit is getting a big upgrade for commuters: it's now completely free to use. The app is trying to beat Google Maps at being the go-to tool for the everyday commuter by providing quick access to nearby transit schedules, rather than asking users to search for where they need to go. Transit also supports offline access, so subway riders won't be left with an empty map if they can't get data service underground.

Transit is one of many services filling the gap left by Apple Maps, which lacks the public transit feature included in the old iOS Maps. Another company, Embark, has a series of apps that are each designed for different transit systems. But while Embark's apps have been free and included offline support, only nine cities are covered, while Transit has information for 37 cities within its single app. Until today, Transit charged $0.99 per month or $4.99 per year to access all of its features, including offline support, but the team says that it's now removing the subscription to widen the app's audience.