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Our live blog of Tim Cook's D11 talk starts at 9PM ET / 2AM BST!

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tim cook
tim cook

Last year, Tim Cook took the stage at AllThingsD's D10 conference, discussing everything from Facebook integration on iOS to product leaks. At D11 this year, Cook is back, ready to answer questions from conference organizers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. It's a busy time for Apple and Cook: WWDC is just around the corner, with new versions of iOS and OS X expected when it kicks off on June 10th. The company is also in the process of building stronger ties in Washington: earlier this month, Cook defended Apple before a Senate hearing on tax avoidance, and he later visited lawmakers to establish an "open line" between them. As usual, we don't know exactly what to expect tonight, but Nilay Patel will be running a live blog from California starting at 9pm ET / 2am BST.

Besides Cook, D11 will be hosting talks with Tesla's Elon Musk, Twitter's Dick Costolo, and many more; stay tuned for more details about what we'll be covering in the next few days.

Click here to access our live blog starting at 6PM PT!