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Pay what you want for 'Hotline Miami,' 'Thomas Was Alone,' and more in latest Humble Bundle

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Hotline Miami Good Deal
Hotline Miami Good Deal

The pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle is a great place to get your hands on indie games for cheap, and the latest edition is one of the best so far, with the likes of atmospheric exploration game Dear Esther and the charmingly-narrated platformer Thomas Was Alone. The base bundle also comes packed with Little Inferno, Capsized, and Awesomenauts, along with their soundtracks. But if you pay more than the average amount — currently around $5 — you'll receive two terrific bonuses in the form of trippy music game Proteus and the ultra-violent Hotline Miami. As per usual, the games are all cross-platform, so you can pick them up for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and part or all of your contribution can also be given to charity. The deal will be on for the next two weeks — check it out now at the source link below.