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YouTube adds automatic slow motion tool to its video editing suite

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iPad YouTube
iPad YouTube

You no longer need to sink thousands of dollars into a high-speed camera — or even learn your way around an editing suite — to make a slow motion video. YouTube has added an automated editing feature that can turn any of a user's own videos into a fake high-speed capture. While the results don't look as polished or detailed as an actual slow motion video, the fun editing tool certainly isn't an out of place offering for the often-quirky, amateur filmmakers who it's built for. The slow motion automation comes as part of YouTube's basic editing options for video makers. While it's not among the more practical options, like cutting, splicing, and stabilization, there's a good chance that it'll make for some funny slapstick. There aren't any exciting clips using the new tool just yet, but YouTube has released a shot of Times Square slowed to 1/8th of its original speed to demonstrate its effect, which you can see below.