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Tim Cook says Apple has 'no religious issue' against making apps for Android

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Could Apple one day develop apps for Android? The very notion seems blasphemous, but in one of his most surprising answers on stage at D11, Tim Cook said his company is at least open to the idea. During an audience Q&A session, Cook was asked if bringing iCloud to other operating systems would be a wise move for Apple. With his answer, the CEO chose to go wider in scope. "To a general question of 'would Apple port an app from iOS to Android?'" he began, "We have no religious issue with doing that. If we thought it made sense for us to do that, we would do that."

Cook went on to say it's the same sort of thinking Apple applies to many of its product decisions. "And so you can take that same philosophy and apply it to virtually everything we do: if it makes sense to do it, we would do it. It's not a religious issue with it." Still, the initial question remained: does bringing iCloud to Android in some capacity make sense for Cupertino? "It doesn't today. Would it forever? I don't know."