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256GB Surface Pro appears in Japan complete with Office 2013 and new Touch Covers

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Microsoft Surface Pro hero (1024px)
Microsoft Surface Pro hero (1024px)

While Surface Pro is making its way to additional markets this month, a new variant has arrived in Japan. Microsoft previously launched a region-specific Surface Pro in China, complete with a full copy of Office 2013, but the company is now offering a similar package in Japan. A 256GB model, with Windows 8 Pro and Office 2013, will be made available on June 7th. It's the first time Microsoft has increased the storage on Surface Pro from its 64GB and 128GB versions.

Some Japanese customers will also be treated to some exclusive Touch Covers. New designs debuted in a number of markets earlier this year, but Microsoft is holding a contest to give away 100 Touch Covers with designs by brands like Beams, and Rodeo Crowns. It's not clear if the limited edition Surface covers will also be made available to buy, but they're definitely limited to Japan.

Microsoft's increase in Surface Pro storage in Japan follows initial controversy that its 64GB tablet only includes 29GB of addressable storage. Microsoft doesn't appear to be offering the 64GB model in Japan, perhaps signalling potential plans to move away from this storage volume in future.