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Amazon will produce 'Alpha House,' 'Betas,' and three children's shows in bid to take on Netflix

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Alpha House from Amazon Studios
Alpha House from Amazon Studios

Netflix may have big plans to boost its original programming output, but it's not the only ambitious new player in Hollywood; Amazon has revealed its new original programming lineup, which will include five new shows. Thanks to customer feedback, Amazon will bring comedy pilots Alpha House, a political buddy show starring John Goodman, and Betas, a show centered around a Silicon Valley startup, to Amazon Prime Instant Video. Joining the comedies are three children's shows, including Annebots, Creative Galaxy, and Tumbleaf.

Reaction to Amazon's original show pilots has been mixed: even Alpha House and Betas, now on track to become original series, fell flat with some viewers and may not stand up to ambitious original programs like Netflix's House of Cards. Notably, a TV pilot for horror-comedy film Zombieland failed to impress, and Amazon confirmed today that it won't be among the first round of the company's original shows.

The five new shows were selected from a lineup of 14 pilots which the company streamed for free back in April. Amazon asked web users to watch the pilots and vote to decide which projects should become full, season-long shows.