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Facebook's talks to acquire Waze reportedly end

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Facebook is no longer in talks to acquire Waze, the developer of a turn-by-turn navigation app with crowdsourced elements, according to All Things D. Though Waze was reported to be looking for $1 billion or greater, price apparently wasn't the main issue. All Things D reports that discussions fell apart over whether the company's Israel-based team would move to Facebook’s California headquarters, though there were other unnamed problems as well. While discussions may have ultimately broken down, Facebook was previously said to be in "serious" talks to make the purchase happen.

Waze has been the subject of several recent acquisition rumors, with possible suitors including both Apple and Google as well. Though it looked like an acquisition was in Waze's future, this is appearing increasingly less to be the case. Apple was said to be interested in using the company to improve Apple Maps, but Tim Cook denied that it had made a bid while speaking at D11 last night. And while Google was said to be among several other interested parties, those negotiations only opened after word of Facebook's discussions broke, suggesting that the companies' interests may have been more in blocking an acquisition by Facebook.