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Windows 8.1 Start button shown in leaked screenshots

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Leaked screenshots have revealed the look of the Start button that's rumored to be returning to Windows in its 8.1 update. Paul Thurrott has posted images showing the brand new Start button fashioned as an unadorned Windows 8 icon. According to ZDNet, clicking on the button will likely return users to the Start Screen, rather than opening a menu like in earlier versions of Windows. However, the Start Screen can reportedly now use your desktop wallpaper as its background, helping to blend the potentially jarring change between the desktop and Modern UI style interface.

The Verge learned earlier this year both that the Start button would be returning and that a boot to desktop option is being considered for the coming update. Thurrott is also reporting that a boot to desktop option will be included, but that it will be turned off by default. Though Microsoft is yet to confirm that either of these options will be present in Windows 8.1, this new leak certainly helps to further substantiate the Start button's return.